Enduro riding in Umbria

Hi Folks, it‘s been a long time ago that I had the time to go for an enduro adventure. This time I will take along my sweetheart, and visit some friends in Umbria. Just getting there will be a 700kms ride, 90% on highways. But the reward will be some awesome offroad riding. So let‘s see how this is going to work with my KTM1190.

Enduro riding in Umbria is awesome. If you stick to the basic rules, respecting private property, horse riders, mountain bikers and hikers you will not get into trouble here. Even if you are riding on some of the smaller single tracks.

View from the Monte Cielo

For those of you with bigger adventure bikes, there are also countless mountain roads that are passing tiny little villages where you will get platters with coppa, local cheese, home grown tomatoes with mozzarella and olive oil.

Delicious Italian Platter

Regarding accomodation I strongly recommend Penny’s Magical Place in the backcountry of Perugia. The appartments are fully equipped with kitchen and bbq and there is this big infinity pool. Jumping into the pool after a long, dusty ride is a real pleasure.

Chilling in the pool after a long ride
Prato di Sotto

If you need additional information (tracks, sightseeing, etc.) do not hesitate and contact me.


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