A Beta and it’s overweight cousins on the track

One year has passed since I bought my brand new Beta X-Trainer MY21 and have spent around 50 hours on tracks mainly in Italy. Watch how it compares against heavier dual sport bikes on the track

The Xtrainer is really amazing when the tracks are getting more technical. There is literally nothing that can stop an X-Trainer. Unfortunately I am the only one among my riding buddies who owns a true hard enduro which in the beginning led to the situation that I had to explore the tougher trails on my own.

But lately it seems as if my buddies are trying to proove to me that it is the rider and not the bike… and that a KTM or Husqvarna dual sport bike is as capable as an X-Trainer… LOL which lead to all sorts of funny situations where they become stuck in steep and technical terrain and I am helping them out. Check out the video

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