About me

Hi, my name is Ralf,


I am considering myself a motorcycle addict since I got my first motorcycle when I was only 16 years old, a 80cc Zündapp.

Over the years I tried out many different types of bikes and also brands so that I can barely remember them all. But a couple of them stuck in my head like the Yamaha RD350LC that I once owned or the Suzuki 1100 GSXR at the hight of my ”street career”.

End of the 90ies I discovered dirt bikes and it influenced also my on-road riding style pretty much. All of a sudden I was into the evolving adventure riding movement and traveled a lot with my bike as far as my intense professional life allowed it. During that time I had the opportunity to discover the major European mountain regions, the Alps, the Balkan and the Pyrenees. Presumably there are not many mountain passes in the Alps that I have not yet ridden at least once, on- and offroad.

Since approx. 10 years I am organizing motorcycle tours on and off-road mainly for friends and I am also guiding them in my free time. Over the years more and more people got interested in my tours so that it became almost like some sort of habit.

This is so much fun that I decided to give it a more professional touch, and also share with my fellow riders my knowledge about tracks, accommodations and other interesting motorcycle stuff on this website. I believe in the sharing idea, everyone can plan his own tour based on quality informations from the internet.

For those of you that are to lazy to plan their own tours I am now also offering to sign on to my guided tours on the site, As I am gradually stepping out of my professional career as an IT Consultant, there is now more time left to do such things. My tours always follow a “motto” and for me it is not just some motorcycle riding, but a way to spend some quality time with you, my fellow riders.

So I hope that you will find something useful for you on this website, my intention is to keep it free of advertisement and grow the content as my time allows it.

I would love to hear from you as well, in the form of a comment, suggestion about things that you would like to see in the future or maybe as a participant of one of my tours.

I wish you all the best and always keep the dirty side down 😉


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