Heidenau K60 Scout – Review

Since I bought my first Motorcycle I am searching the perfect Enduro tyre. Of course there wont be such thing, but we can try to find one close to perfect. The last tyre I tested on my KTM 690 Enduro R is the Heidenau K60 Scout. I used two sets, one only onstreet and one mostly offroad.

Period of usage: June to August and August to September 2018
Mileage used: each approx. 5000 kms
Dimensions used:
90/90 21 (Front) 140/80 18 (Rear)
Riding conditions: 90% solo 10% with pillion/luggage
Price: Front EUR 70 Rear EUR 100

What Heidenau says:

  • Through changes to the tread and carcass, the K60 Scout brings better performance on and off road.
  • With the improved tread and compound, the Scout delivers better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement.

My findings are:

  • Performance on AND offroad: good. The most common on and offroad conditions aren’t a problem for the K60 Scout. Wether you travel on the highway or climbing a mountain through ruff terrain.
  • better cornering stability: mediocre. In some way Heidenau is right. The cornering stability is better but comes with a disadvantage. Once you lose grip the bike is loose, also better doesn’t mean good.
  • better wet weather grip: OK. The wet weather grip onroad is decent. Remember not to push this tire to the limit because once you slip you most likely cannot stop it. Also the wet weather grip offroad is not good. You are going to have problems with mud or wet grass.


Heidenau K60 Scout after 5000kms Albania Tour

I think it’s impossible to find the perfect enduro tyre. But the Heidenau K60 Scout is a step in the right direction. You have much more onroad grip than the MT21 or the TKC80 but less offroad grip in wet conditions. I pushed this tyre to the limit on the street which resulted in a lowsider. I had a second set mounted in Albania and again pushed it to the limit in rough terrain with big rocks. It had many cracks but managed it very well. This tyre is good in a lot of aspects but not perfect. It is an allrounder and also my favorite tyre for enduro trips. I recommend it to everyone. Just be sure to ride it not too long, everything above 10000kms is not recommended. The price-performance is worth it and you can ride this tyre all year long. Although I have no snow experience…yet.

One thought on “Heidenau K60 Scout – Review”

  1. I ‘ve recently replaced the k60’s for the pirelli str’s on my v-strom650.The heidies had done 10k & were hard but being a careful rider I didn’t have any problems.But I already(after only 300kms)do feel more confident with the strs.What amazes me is the diversity of m/c tyre tread patterns & how they work.


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