Lurës Nationalpark

At the 13th of September I crossed in a group of four the Lures National Park in Albania. Many People coming to Albania to motorcycle wonder if you can safely cross the Lures Nationalpark. But in order to estimate and tell you if it is possible and how hard it is, I need to tell a little bit about me and my group. Out of the Group, I am the youngest with 22 years. The Rest of the Group is 50+ years old. Everyone drove the KTM 690 Enduro R. Although I consider myself a good off-road rider with 5 years of experience, I am far from competing in Enduro Competitions. We drove that day 300km, from which 150km was off-road. This long distance was one reason why we were struggling. But even if we would have rode only half the distance, it would have been a hard day. Now I give you a impression of the terrain, for what Motorcycle and for what Skill Level it is suitable. There are three types of terrain you will encounter: mud, light and heavy gravel.

It is preferable not to drive in August because it is very hot, the river will still have much water and the roads will be muddy. For heavy bikes the mud could be very difficult as well as the heavy gravel. For extremely light bikes the distance is an obstacle because you have to ride far to find the next petrol station. In terms of skill I will not recommend the southern part of this route if you are new to heavy terrain or new to riding in general. If you aproach from the north you have light terrain and you can always turn around if it gets too hard and still see the amazing landscape. Be sure to have someone with you because you won’t encounter many people. We saw only two Czechs camping.

Difficulty:     7/10

Fun:                8/10

Seclusion:     7/10

Duration:     10 hours

Length:         300km (Tirana -> Tirana)

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