Albania Tour Reloaded

We are glad to finally present you the first video of our Albania Tour Summer 2018. This time we put more effort into producing a high quality video for you to enjoy. Although we took more time it’s still not perfect and we will improve even more.
We experienced Albania exactly like the last time we visited it. The Hospitality and the openminded locals. Every time we encountered a problem somebody could help us and also did help us. To sum up all the damage on our bikes there were six broken indicators, a flat tire, a damaged tire, a broken back brake lever, two license plates broke off and a broken switching claw.

Despite those problems we managed to keep going with our tour, thanks to the wonderful people there.

As mentioned in a previous post we stayed in a villa in Tirana. Each day we made trips all around Albania like the Blue Eye in Teth, the Nationalpark Lures or Koman Lake.

Especially for the Nationalpark Lures we will post an extra article, regarding the difficulty and road condition. Many drivers are wondering wether you can drive through the Nationalpark and this article will help you decide if you can, so stay tuned.

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