Klim outrider pants and adv spec linesman jacket

Klim Outrider Pants Review
What is the ADV SPEC Linesman Jacket

When it comes to clothing I’ve tried out many different brands and models. But especially in summer when temperatures are rising I was looking for something less „bulky“ without putting security on the line. My choice this year are the Klim Outrider Pants in combination with the ADV SPEC Linesman Jacket.

My light adventure outfit: Klim Outrider Pants and ADVSPEC Linesman Jacket

It is a very light combo that feels nearly as comfortable as any other casual wear. You will not draw much attention with this gear, the look is very much like with other casual wear.

ADV SPEC Linesman Jacket

Windproof and breathable Jacket reinforced with Kevlar fabric on the key abrasive zones. As it does not have a membrane it is obviously not as sweaty as other motorcycle jackets that are waterproof. The sleeves are removable and large ventilation openings will keep you cool.

All in all, the jacket did not disappoint me, it serves the purpose of adventure riding quite well. Anyhow, if you are riding very technical terrain you will sweat like a pig also in this jacket, but at least you are looking good 😉

The jacket will repell some lighter rain, you will have to carry some rain gear for the real bad weather.

KLIM Outrider Pants

Classic workwear double-knee style and basically just look like a good pair of work pants. Made of nylon Cordura canvas, the material is strong but not overly hot and heavy. As every KLIM pants I purchased, they come in US sizes which means I have to buy them one size smaller.

The knee pads have to be inserted from the outside and allow for a quick removal. This comes in handy if you only have this pant with you and you would like to go for some sightseeing. The pricepoint for this pant came in for a 190€ which is very reasonable given the quality you are getting.

This combo will be my preferred gear this season. I will post my long term experiences later this year.


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