Should I Buy a Beta X-Trainer???

As I am getting more and more into technical trail riding, I’ve finally decided to buy a hard enduro. But what to buy? Hmmm, a really good question. Here comes a brief wrap-up on how I came to believe that a Beta X-Trainer would be a decent choice…

I consider myself an “Enduro Gumby”, that sort of hard enduro rider who knows the base concepts of enduro riding from various enduro trainings as well as Youtube channels and other social media, but who is in reality barely able to make use of all of these concepts out in the field.

Furthermore, from all my bikes, the bike that fits closed into the “Hard Enduro” description is a KTM 690 Enduro R. It is sort of a monster with 70 horse power and a weight of 150kg when filled up. With this bike you can ride technical terrain, sort of.

In the first 15 minutes I am doing quite well, weighting and de-weighting, lifting the front wheel, playing with the terrain, but then as soon as fatigue kicks in, I am starting to ride like a tank, just rolling over everything that comes along the trail. The 690 is a like a tractor, as long as you stay on the gas, it will move on, no matter what’s in the way.

Well, in the beginning this was sort of fun, I could at least follow the hard enduros in a not to humiliating way but as I am not a Chris Birch who is beating even bigger bikes like the 1290 through rough terrain it will use up my power very quickly. And shouldn’t trail riding be fun? I would like to play with the terrain, not just tractor through it.

So now it should be clear to everyone that I have the desire to go lighter and more nimble. So in the last weeks the question became important what to buy. Here my list of requirements for a new bike:

  • No brand preference, the cheaper the better
  • Not heavier than 105kg
  • 4-stroke or 2-stroke with oil injection
  • I do not need competition performance
  • A used bike is a valid option

The following bikes came into my focus:

  • KTM Freeride in different configurations
  • Sherco X-Ride
  • Scorpa T-Ride
  • Beta X-Trainer
  • Any used competition model as long as it suits my needs

A quick check in the market showed that for an old used bike I would have to invest at least 6500 CHF. Fairly recent models will then go up quickly to a whopping 7500 CHF and more.

Looking at new bikes makes in this context absolutely sense. Competition models from KTM or Husqvarna will be clearly over the 10000 CHF so out of discussion. But there is also Beta, GasGas or Sherco. A quick search for dealers in the surrounding left one only brand, Beta. The price for a brand new X-Trainer in Switzerland is a mere 7800 CHF. That’s what I would call somewhat reasonable (If a hard-enduro can be reasonable at all).

There are many reviews of the X-Trainer on the internet, and they all were talking very nicely about the capabilities of this bike. It is not meant to be raced, it shines on technical sections, has a slightly more accessible seat hight, has a very low weight… In a nutshell, I could live with all of the negative sides and the positive aspects are exactly hitting my expectations.

So now I bought the X-Trainer and we will see in the future how this little bike fits the role as a reliable companion on long trail rides, supporting my further development in technical riding.

Stay tuned, I will report soon a first hands-on review on the bike – from my own personal perspective.

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