MI Portable Air Compressor

Ever been in the situation that you had to inflate your tyres somewhere during your ride? And even worse, every gas station you are checking has either no air pump at all or a non functional one. There is a solution to this – the MI portable air compressor.

What comes in very handy with this device is that it doesn’t need to be hooked up to an external power source, it has an embedded battery that makes the MI capable of inflating even car tyres and has a light included if you have to use it in darkness.

MI Portable Air Compressor

Disclaimer: I’ve acquired the product in this review for my own personal use, with my own money. I do not recommend products unless I believe they are of value for you and I believe in them and I do not receive compensation for this review in any form.


DeviceMI Portable Electric Air Compressor
ManufacturerXiamen Technology Co. Ltd., China
Dimensions124x71x45.3 mm (excl. air hose)
Weight439 grams
Inflation pressure range0.2-10.3 bar ( 3-150 psi)
Battery capacity2000mAh (14.8 Wh)
Charging portMicro USB
AccessoriesSchrader 11x20mm (standard)
Presta 11x15mm (adapter)
Ball needle (adapter)
Short USB cable
Pouch for the device and the accessories
Price40 – 50€
Technical specifications

The MI has 4 different modes, a manual one where you can set the desired pressure between 3 and 150 PSI, a bicycle mode ( 30 – 65 PSI), a motorcycle mode (1.8 – 3.0 bar) and a car mode ( 1.8 – 3.5 bar).

Manual mode

A great feature is that you can set the compressor to the desired pressure and it will then automatically stop inflating. So you have not to closely monitor the pressure during the action. Plug it – set it – push the start button and wait for it to finish.


So now let’s see how the compressor performed when inflating different types of tyres.

Mountain bike tyre,
Inflating from 0 to 2.0 bar: 1.5 min
Motorcycle tyre,

0 to 2.4 bar: 5 minutes
0 to 1.8 bar: 4 minutes
Inflation times


It is important to note, that the compressor should not run for more that 10 minutes in one go, as it will overheat and thus will not increase the pressure any more. Let it cool down for 15min and then it will be good for another 10 minutes.

Overall the 2000mAh battery is good for a run time of approx. 25min. Do the math yourself on how many tyres you would be able to inflate with one battery charge.


PriceNot cheap, but ok given the value proposition
PerformanceNot very fast but very comfortable
to use
Overall, does the MI hold it’s promiseYES
Would I buy it againYES
RemarksI am using this compressor
mainly when on enduro rides. It
is small enough to fit easily in my
backpack. Changing the tyre pressure between on- and off-road sections
becomes really easy and the battery
is big enough to cover a whole day

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  1. The high precision alloy allows compression up to 150 psi to measure the necessary air force for road bikes as well as more common bikes. Preparation is key. Check tire pressure and anticipate unexpected problems. With the changing seasons and temperatures, it is important to keep your tire pressure up to date.


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