Video Services for Bikers

The best way to tell the story of your ride is through a video.

But as you might know as well, it is easier said than done. When being part of a group it is often difficult to take pictures and videos at the same time as you are riding. Having someone who’s only job is to document the ride makes it much easier.

Here is where I am coming into the game. I am offering my video service to every rider / group that is interested in getting high quality content from their tour.

I am an excellent rider, on- and off-road and also very experienced in the field of content creation. I’ve accompanied many rider groups and created lots of footage while keeping up with a group of bikers.

What you will get:

You will get all material from the shooting as a download from my website. Optionally I can also provide video editing services as listed below.

high quality pictures (RAW, JPG)

High quality videos
(HD & 4K)

B-Roll footage
(HD & 4K)

Action footage
(HD & 4K)

Which types of tours/events can I cover?

  1. Street tours
    I will participate in your on-road tour with my own motorcycle (currently a KTM 1190 Adventure). These types of tours can also include all sorts of gravel roads as I usually have dual sport tyres on my bike.
  2. Offroad tours
    For off-road tours I will join you on my KTM 690 Adventure and/or my Beta X-Trainer 300 depending on the level of off-road. I am a skilled off-road rider and capable of following you even in technical terrain.
  3. Sport and Training events
    If you are in a sport/training event I will get there just by car. Prerequisite for taking footage in such events is that the organiser of the event grants me access to the ground and will allow me to take footage of the event.

In which regions can I provide my services?

  • I will provide these services for short time assignments (everything shorter than 2 days) in the European Alps, especially in the following countries with a radius of approximately 100kms around my home bases which are Zürich/CH and Albertville/FR
    • Switzerland
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
  • Assignments with a duration of at least 5 days can be provided outside this 100 km perimeter, also including other regions:
    • Sardinia
    • Umbria
    • Corse
    • etc.

What camera gear will be used?

Typically I will use multiple cameras at the same time to setup scenes. Anyhow most of the video work will be done with the Alpha 6500 as it lightweight enough even when going off-road and it gives me a wide range of possibilities as I can change the lenses depending on the shot I need.

The final selection of gear will depend on the type and duration of a tour.

Below a list of all my camera gear:

  • Sony Alpha 6500 (Video 4K and HD, Photos) with multiple lenses
  • Sony ZV-1 (Video 4K and HD, Photos)
  • Multiple action cams (DJI OSMO Action, GoPro)
  • Various drones from DJI (Spark, Magic)
  • Mounting material, tripods, gorilla pods
  • ND filters for all camera gear
  • Gimbal Zhiyun Crane (with Alpha 6500)

What does it cost?

Half a day (2 hours) of shooting, including travel*140€
One full day of shooting (4h), including travel*240€
Two days of shooting (8h), including travel* and accommodation**440€
One week (5 days, 15h) of shooting including travel* and accommodation**750€
Add-on for locations outside the 100 km perimeter
> per 100km

Editing your YouTube video (HD) including
> Storyboard session (with your input)
> Color Grading
> Sound Design & Mixing
> Motion Graphics
> Subtitles
> max. 3 Revisions

*I will take care of all my cost, including the transport of my bike to the location where the shooting will happen / the tour will start

** I will cover the accommodation cost in the tour hotel myself, but you will be responsible for the booking of the hotel.

Get in touch with me

If you are interested, just fill the form, I will get back to you as soon as possible

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