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Tirana we are coming!

One lesson that we learned from our Albania adventure 2 years ago was the painfulness of a fully charged enduro in rough terrain.

On September, 9 we are going to be back, but this time we will move into a nice Albanian villa in the surroundings of Tirana, using it as a headquarter for our trips into the back country.

Stay tuned, we will soon report our tracks, adventures, mishaps, …

For now, just a sneak preview of the planned tracks.



2 Rookies on the Alpenbutt Rally

This is the report of 2 rally rookies taking part in the Alpenbutt Rally 2017, promoted by the Iron Butt Association Germany as Europe’s toughest multi day rally. We, my buddy Andy and myself rode on our travel bikes (BMW R1200GS and KTM 1190 Adv.) for 6 days to predefined bonus point locations in the Alps. The goal: to be a finisher in this rally, whatever it takes. Continue reading 2 Rookies on the Alpenbutt Rally

Preparing for the Alpenbutt

Now it is confirmed, I will take an active part in Europe’s toughest rally – the Alpenbutt! It is about riding 6 days in a row for more than 16 hours, collecting bonus points all over the Alps. Nota bene I am an absolute rookie regarding rallies which makes the thing much more complicated. More than anything else it will be crucial to plan how to approach this event. Continue reading Preparing for the Alpenbutt