25000 KM’s on my KTM 1190 Adventure

This is a review of my current travel bike, a 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure, which has now 25000 Km’s on the odometer. It is equipped with heating seats (Power Parts), Electronic Damping System (EDS), cornering ABS and the Power Parts panniers.

I bought this bike in July 2016 with 13000 kms on the odometer from a local KTM dealer. Since then I rode 12000 kms on my own, in all terrain. This is a report of my findings so far seen with my eyes, my personal experience and might not be applicable to anybody else.

Riding experience:
The 2013 Adventure is an amazing bike, pushing 150 hp on the crankshaft. It is simply mind blowing how this bike transfers power into speed. If not carefully observing the odometer, you always will be to fast. In the beginning a bit intimidating, it became very soon second nature to play with the force that growls under the seat.

Also the chassis lives up to it’s promises. The spring travel of 190mm allows to ride comfortably on pitted back-country roads, even with higher speeds. I do not want to elaborate on all the technical features of this bike, merely, all settings of the Electronic Damping System and the different mappings are working flawlessly for me. It is even possible to set the ABS to Offroad mode for those that want to push this bike to the max.

The following video shows what a standard 1190 is capable of (Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV, KTM NEW ZEALAND Motorcycle Adventure)

I rode the 1190 myself on gravel roads and I was impressed the first time. Balance is very good, even with the panniers. The 19″ front wheel does an excellent job, I did not miss the 21″ of the R version. After the first trials I got more and more confident and will definitely go for more difficult tracks in the future.

Many riders complain about the badly working locks of the KTM panniers. I had the same issue, but cured it with the help of some silicone spray. Now the locks are working as they should. Despite the cheap look, these panniers worked well in all circumstances. Even in tough terrain I had not a single issue.

Repairs and service:
I had a recall regarding the center stand. It has been replace as the spring tended to brake after a while. The design is now changed so that this will not occur any more. Prices for services are reasonable, the bike needs a service every 15000kms. Oil consumption is moderate, I had to refill 0.5l on 10000kms. The Adventure consumes around 6.5 liters of fuel on 100km.

I am currently enjoying this bike as much as no one before and I will keep it for another year. It is my touring bike which allows me to go for longer distances also on highways. In July I will ride the Alpenbutt Rally 2017. After having completed this rally you will get the next review.

Stay tuned…

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