Are you tough enough?

End of July the Worlds toughest long distance riders will meet in Miesbach, Bavaria for an outstanding challenge. It is about a long distance rally, covering the whole region of the European Alps, from Vienna to Nice.

The goal is to collect as many bonus points as possible during a 6 days endurance ride. These bonus points can be earned by navigating to the bonus locations and properly following the specific instructions for this location. This might include taking a picture of the bonus location including the rider and his bike but also other types of tasks. In the end the rider with the highest score will win. Therefore it will be crucial for the riders to wisely select among the more than 300 bonus point locations.

Organizer of this event is the Ironbutt Association Germany and it is limited to 75 places. Riders that are interested do not have to be IBA members and can register on But you have to be quick as most places are already taken. As a passionate motorcycle rider I could not resist and signed up for this event. I will update you on my preparations as well as on the rally itself.

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