Michelin Tracker offroad tires

This is a review of the new Michelin Tracker enduro tyre. It is based on my personal experience and opinion. I am currently riding one set on my KTM 690 Enduro R for the first time.

Period of usage: November 2020 – April 2021 (ongoing, tbc.)
Mileage used: 100 kms so far on paved/unpaved roads, tbc.
Dimensions used:
90×90/21 Front, 140×80/18 Rear
Riding conditions: 100% solo
Price: approx. CHF 130, front and rear

What Michelin are saying:

  • Engineered to address the needs of the growing number of riders who are looking for a reliable product that allows them to enjoy their off-road forays to the full.
  • Designed to cover a particularly broad spectrum of terrains
  • New tread pattern design, perfectly suited to riding on sand, mud and dirt.
  • Approved for road use, 170 km/h max.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Tread pattern and crown reinforced to shrug off the knocks associated with off-road riding.
  • Outstanding traction and braking performance in even the toughest conditions.

My findings:

  • Yes, they are dirt cheap ✓✓✓
  • Balanced performance on all terrains ✓✓✓
    This tyre is designed to fit  the needs of a broader range of off-road riders. Traction is actually surprisingly good across a wide range of terrain even though the come with rounded off (rather than sharp-edged) knobs. Particularly the front has genuinely good grip.
  • Onroad performance: Surprisingly well ✓✓✓
    The tyres can be safely driven on tarmac and produce very low noise. But especially on high powered enduro bikes like the 690 you have to be careful on the gas as a bit to much will lead immediately to a nicely controllable power slide.
  • Durability: sure ✓✓✓
    Knob height: 13/14mm. They wear noticeable slower than competition enduro tyres and don’t throw knobs. See my wear pattern after 100 kms of paved/unpaved roads. Tyre can be used bi-directional.
  • Stability: ✓✓✓
    Due to the Trackers’ stiffer carcass construction, you can get away with less pressure in the Tracker before it starts rolling on the rim and squirming around. But this comes at the price of being a little tougher to lever onto your rims.
No usage visible after 100km of paved and unpaved roads


I have chosen this tyre mainly for trail riding, with some tarmac in between the off-road sections. Therefore it was important for me to have a road legal tire. Given the low wear together with a cheap price it makes this tyre very attractive. Also the performance experienced so far is very good. You will not get the performance of a competition tyre, but this will not compromise my trail riding as for instance it would with a 60/40 dual sport tyre.

During the next 4 months I will closely observe how the tyres are performing and report back my findings. Stay tuned…

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